An online educational resource dedicated to the photography of
terrestrial wildlife and their habitats, found across South-West
England and the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula by David Fenwick.

APHOTOFAUNA Acknowledgements and Links
Acknowledgements and Links
Here I would like to take the oppertunity to thank the many people who have helped with the identification of many species of wildlife I have found and photographed whilst building this website. The identification process can be quite complex and often I am reliant on the expertise of others to help; without this help the site would not be as comprehensive as it is.

Before seeking an experts opinion I often visit various sites to try and identify a species myself. The most commonly used ones are featured here.

BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide (UK)

British Dragonfly Society

British Bugs

Buglife - Invertebrate Conservation Trust

Captain's European Butterfly Guide

UK Butterflies

UK Moths

What's this caterpillar ?

Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland

Wild About Britain

People's Trust for Endangered Species


Flies - Diptera.info

Devon Wildlife Trust

Somerset Wildlife Trust

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Opal - Explore Nature

National Biodiversity Network

- An Information Resource for Research Biologists

Other Links

Desirable Plants - Quality Plants by Mail Order

Pounsley Plants - Cottage Perennials and Old-fashioned Roses by Mail Order

Anyone who wants to suggest a link for this page is welcome to do so, please e-mail David Fenwick.